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Pet-Friendly Stay near Bengaluru

A perfect getaway would be imperfect without the presence of your loved ones. But what if your loved one has four legs and a lot of furs? Don’t Worry! We at Champions Ranch provide an unparalleled pet-friendly stay and resort near Bengaluru to make your pets’ staycation extra special. This spot, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and marvelous nature, will undoubtedly be an exhilarating stress reliever for you as well as the best holiday resort for your fur babies.

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Why do you opt for Champions Ranch?

Our ranch is the best choice for your perfect getaway with your paw buddy, as most resorts do not allow pets. We provide luxurious and exclusive pet service retreats that provide your furry friend with enjoyable and soothing companionship. Our professional and well-trained caregivers treat your pets with extreme support and compassion, making them feel as if they are in a second home.

In addition, we offer theme-based cottages such as “Dog House,” “Horse House,” “Beagle House,” and “Rottweiler House,” as well as varying sorts of stay facilities for your pets. We also have paw licking foods for your furry pals that are extremely healthy for their tummies. They can also engage in small games and interact with our ranch pets. Furthermore, if you are away from home for several weeks or months, we can provide pet care.

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Our Exclusive Pet-Friendly Services

  • Our dedicated pet lovers will provide your dog with a luxurious retreat where he or she can stay, relax, be pampered, and play.
  • We provide intensive care for your paw buddy by providing spa sessions, obedience training, and pool baths.
  • At turndown service, four-legged guests are greeted with cozy blankets, beach towels, food, water bowls, and signature treats.
  • We also offer gourmet and delectable pet foods for your beloved.
  • We ensure that your pets receive the best of our facilities to make their stay as comfortable as possible during your stay with us.
  • Utmost Care and compassion from our well trained staffs.
  • Extensive grooming, pet sitting, walking, and trainer-led sessions for all types of pets.
  • Designated employees focus on sanitizing and cleaning with utmost care.



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