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Body Mind and Soul!

OUTSTANDING Life Skills Lessons

Our life skills programme for grades 4 through 12 is developed well with students’ different phases in mind. It is based on the idea that critical life skills may be obtained experientially while having fun, and that we learn best in situations that are demanding and emotionally charged.

Horse Riding School

Our own comprehensive outside-the-classroom learning experiences as students served as the inspiration for Outclass. These experiences greatly enhanced our “academic growth” by assisting us in developing practical “life skills” that have benefited us in our daily lives, such as being honest with ourselves, cooperating well with others, and demonstrating devotion to others.

Safety Measures

Doctor available on campus

Doctor On Campus

 5:1 adult child ratio

1:5 Adult To Child Ratio

Certified instructor

Certified Instructors



Greenery Campus

Greenery Campus

Campus chief officer

Senior Facilitator As Campus Chief

Certified Equipment

UIAA Standardized Equipment


Instructor Training

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

Feedback program

Feedback Report

Risk Management

Risk Management SOP

Delve Deeper in Peace With Yoga and in Thrill With Horse Riding

Our Champions Ranch School Program is welcoming students to grab a golden chance to learn Horseback Riding and Yoga.

It’s an opportunity for youngsters to race the wind and breathe freedom through horseback riding and always carry the essential peace of mind with yoga learning that will keep them calm and composed even in the times of neck-to-neck competition!

Our Trusted and Impressive Horse Riding Academy

Under the supervision of our professional instructors, young riders can learn from scratch and go on to become pro! We assure that the horseback riding lessons will surely be smooth and will have all the safety required. Smooth does not mean the adventure part will be missed, it means that no obstruction will be encountered in the training part!

Our Yoga Academy To Keep You Calm and Composed

We offer many forms of yoga learning and students can choose from the option that suits them. Our impeccable trainers bestow the learning of a solid postural and philosophical basis so that the best health benefits can be reaped. Career-life balance and patience are the most important traits that youngsters need to develop and with our yoga sessions, students will imbibe these essential qualities in leaps and bounds.

Horse Riding School

Champions Riding School
When You Can Visit:

Champions Ranch will be functional for school children and public visits from 24th October 2021. Please be assured, all safety and sanitization measures will be taken care of as a high priority.

So Near:

You’ll be glad to know that we take just 70 minutes to reach from main Bangalore locations and are providing the facility to host a trial of our services in Sarjapur.

Pick and Drop Ease:

Students from Bangalore schools can avail the facility of our pick and drop services which will be absolutely free of cost.

The cherry on the cake is that we can even move near the Sarjapur location for our horseback training classes if 20 or more students enroll. We have a full area that has the amenities to facilitate horseback riding lessons. Don’t miss the chance of learning a new sport when it is so easily approachable

Even More for You:

  • As a dry run, we can bring our stallions and host an introductory session in your school!
  • We can even schedule daily yoga sessions for school kids and their clans and can even offer a one-month free test drive. Let us know which of the options excite you more! Do let your children try these out at no cost and if they develop interest, enroll them happily!

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
Adho Mukha Svanasana


Learning depends on the student age, physicality, athleticism and how regularly they are taking the lessons. We suggest at-least one lesson a week and rides 45 minutes in each class. This will help the rider make corrections from what they had learnt in the previous lesson and even the instructor is in sync with the rider’s progress. The more you ride the better you will get.

Enrollment are necessary. Please call or WhatsApp us at +91-9449835296 and set an appointment. For Registration we would like to know your Age, Weight & skill level. Please arrive 20 mins before your riding lesson.



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