Ranch Day Trip

Equestrian Day Trips to take your breath away! (Min 5-8 Pax)

A Ranch Day trip offers 05 diverse and captivating ranch and equestrian

activities(Horse Riding, Sky Walk, Sky Cycling, Zip Line, Rock Climbing)

at ₹1599 per person(Week Days)

₹1999 per person(Weekend)

It is inclusive of lunch.

Champions Day Trip

Rustic meets serenity has something more to offer if you want some more jockeying. (Min 5-8 Pax)

Champions Day trip bestows 10 activities(Horse Riding, Yoga, Forest Trekking, Sky Walk, Sky Cycling, Zip Line, Rock Climbing, Mini Golf, 15 minutes massage or TENS pain relieving sessions, Pet feeding)

at ₹2399 per person(Week Days)

₹2999 per person(Weekend)

It is inclusive of lunch & snacks.

Ranch Premium Package

(Min 5-8 Pax)

Ranch Premium package comprises of
20 activities (Horse Riding, Yoga, Sky Walk, Forest trekking, Planting trees,  Tractor ride,
Tens pain-relieving sessions, pony rides for kids, Mini golf, Rooftop Yoga,

Fishing & Frying, Rock Climbing, Pet feeding, ATV/Buggy ride, Paintball, Sky Cycling, Zip Line)

at ₹3,499 per person(Week Days)

₹3,999 per person(Weekend)

It is inclusive of lunch & snacks.

Naturecure.fit Package

A new Posture towards life!

Naturecure.fit – Our Top Graded wellness package offers exclusive wellness sessions including Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Meditation, Yoga, Holistic therapeutics & Spa Services. Situating amidst lush green lands, meadows, trees,  hills, lakes & vineyards with luxurious amenities & hospitality services.
Experience extravagant wellness sessions at Naturecure.fit


  • Augments Mental Health
  • Boost Confidence & Productivity
  • Reduces Stress & helps to stay fit
  • Improves metabolic activities
  • Foster immunity & wellbeing


30-Days Healthy Rejuvenation and Weight Loss Program!

Ranch personalized weight loss program is planned with a BMI assessment, healthy diet & meal planning, and 20+ Workout Activities, all designed to help you achieve realistic and attainable goals. Our program is mainly designed to cut the clutter from your mind and give your body a healthy shape with natural practices.


  • Removes excess fat from the body
  • Enhances digestive system
  • Improves metabolic activities
  • Rejuvenates body and mind
  • Tones up the skin
  • Prevents obesity-related issues


Learn Horseback Riding & Grooming / Tacking Horse

A Complete horse riding experience: Our training covers horseback riding, dressage, jumping, hacking, with professional instructors and also Learn how to prepare your horse to ride, grooming activity, Feeding/Watering your horse and how to give bath to the horse.


  • For all Age Groups
  • Show Jumping and Dressage
  • Trail Rides and Hacks
  • Leadership Training
  • Horse Assisted Therapy
  • Picnic with Ponies
  • Deep & Thorough Training
  • Level wise horse riding classes
  • Trained Professionals

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