Our Horse-Riding Academy

If Horse Riding was easy, it would be called cake eating! Instead, it is a form that needs dedicated time and effort to be mastered. It is one great hobby that not only provides a fun experience but also boosts body awareness, quick thinking, coordination, relaxation and postural strength of its passionate enthusiasts.

Know about Horses, Horse Training & Horse Riding Courses

Daily Care

Horse Training

Basic Horse Care involves suitable feeding, making fresh water available at all times, taking care of horses daily exercise, ample grooming and regular medical attention. They are distinct animals whose emotions directly impact humans. They bestow their owners with unconditional love and are known for their rewarding life-long companionship. Spending time with horses and ponies is one part of animal-assisted therapy wherein people come to heal their traumatic experiences The warmth that horses provide has proved to cure the deepest of the emotional wounds.

Stable Needs

Horse Training

Like us, horses also need a dry, safe and comfortable shelter to protect them from sun, rain and cold. An ideal shelter for a horse is a well-constructed Stable. A Stable is a building divided into separate ‘stalls’ for individual horses. An ideal stable should have stalls of adequate size, appropriate beddings, room for hay storage along with a feeding stall. It also needs designated space for equipment storage, a wash rack and if needed, a grooming area. In addition to this, if the horses are kept in small stalls, they need to be exercised regularly in a paddock.

Importance of Horse Care

Horse Training

Horses need love, care and commitment as they are emotionally sensitive animals. This helps them to live a long and healthy life. Apart from this, horses that are brought up with care and emotions have proved to be rapid learners when they are subjected to different forms of horseback riding. Each horse is different and one piece of advice on their care does not necessarily fit all. Spending time with them and learning about their behavioral patterns teaches more!

Horse Training

Our Level-wise Horse Riding Courses:

  • Beginner-Level – General Horse Handling, Basic Commands Training, Horse Bonding, Horse Grooming, General Stable Management
  • Intermediate-Level – Disciplines of Horse Riding (any discipline of your choice), Independent Horse Care Management, Handling differ ent types of Horses, Assistance in Horse Training, Knowledge of Horse Breeds
  • Advanced-Level – ‘Train the Trainer’ Programme giving know-hows of advanced manoeuvers and teaching instructions
  • Professional – Stable Management, Horse Rearing, Training Horses &Riders, Competing in Equine Sports